MINNEAPOLIS -- Policing North Minneapolis is going old school. For the first time, the north side is its own beat.

Seventeen Minneapolis officers will patrol that neighborhood on foot, bike and mounted patrol all in an effort to make it safer and to make deeper connections in the community.

"Just seeing them will make a difference, make the neighborhood feel more safe," longtime resident Steven Harris said when he saw officers on foot Tuesday morning on Lowry Avenue.

"Getting out and walking around absolutely they are going to notice a difference. I have no doubt they will notice the difference," north side beat Officer Richard Walker said.

The idea is as old as police work itself. If they see the places they protect and serve from the ground up the people that call those places home, will see them too.

Walker thinks being on foot will ease the job of cutting out the small stuff like loitering and public drinking before it turns into something bigger.

Police will also increase their presence in downtown Minneapolis this summer by 25 percent and begin patrolling alley ways all over the city.

These changes were announced Tuesday by Chief Janee Harteau.

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