ST. LOUIS PARK, Minn. - Parents gathered with anxiety late Wednesday afternoon in St. Louis Park as they waited for kids to return from the Lilydale Park field trip where at least one student was killed, two were injured and one more is missing.

"I pray for my kids every day, all day before going to school," parent Edwardo Luna said.

The 4th grade students were escorted back into Peter Hobart Elementary School to be reunited with their parents.

Grief counselors were already on hand and will be again on Thursday when school resumes if any students or teachers wish to meet with them.

"I'm praying. I don't know what I would do but pray," parent Patricia Dudley said.

A second field trip to the same area was scheduled for Thursday for a second group of 4th grade students. That has been cancelled.

On Wednesday evening, a memorial had alreadybeen erected outside of the school.

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