CAMINO, Calif. - A case of puppy love is tearing two families apart. Mihai Popescu of Shingle Springs and his girlfriend Brittany Weaver just want their beloved pitbull puppy Mia back.

After babysitting the puppy for six days, the couple's friend's mother, Carol Stratton of Camino, refused to give the puppy back. She said she doesn't think Popescu and Weaver can properly care for the puppy.

"I'm concerned what will happen to her," Stratton said. "I'm concerned she'd be turned over to a shelter and the shelters here in El Dorado County destroy animals."

The couple took their case to small claims court. The judge ruled in their favor and said the dog belongs to them and ordered Stratton to return the dog before court Tuesday, but she showed up empty-handed.

Now, she has another seven days to return the puppy and has been ordered to pay $5,000 to the couple.

Weaver said she's heart broken; the puppy was a Valentine's day gift from her boyfriend.

"What is going on? I don't understand why she's not giving my dog back!" Weaver said.

Stratton's filed an appeal in the case; she said the dog is now in Oregon with her terminally ill sister.

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