ST. LOUIS PARK, Minn. - Families of the two little boys who died in a landslide while on a field trip are thanking the community for their support.

Fire fighters recovered the body of 10-year old Mohamed Fofana Thursday morning. They pulled 9-year old Haysem Sani from the gravel and mud Wednesday afternoon.

A steady stream of family and friends were going in and out of both of the boys' homes Thursday evening.

"It's really, really very difficult," said Sani's uncle, Mohammed Youseuf.

Youseuf described Sani as a smart boy who was curious and dreamed of being a doctor one day.

"That's what he always said. He was trying to have ambition and be somebody in his life," he said.

Instead, his family is planning his burial for tomorrow, leaning on their faith and each other.

"It's very, very sad. Everyone is crying," he said.
Mohamed Fofana's family was hoping for a miracle Friday morning as crews looked for him, but that hope disappeared when the news came his body had been recovered.

"Mohamed is a very, very good boy," said his uncle, Mohamed Bah.

Bah says his family is putting their trust in their faith.

"We believe he's in the hands of the almighty God. We believe as Muslims, as God we came and God we return," said Bah.
At the boys' elementary school in St. Louis Park Friday evening, parents and their children stopped to drop off whatever they could at a growing memorial, including five-year old Gabbie Fadden.

Fadden gave up her own stuffed animal because she felt the boys needed it more.

"Gabbie wanted to bring up her teddy bear here. And so they could have something in heaven. Isn't that sad," remarked her father Paul Fadden.

It is a sentiment most felt in and around the school Thursday.

A number of people in the Peter Hobart school family are raising money for the families impacted, including the school's PTA and the owner of Muddy Paws Cheesecake Company, Tami Cabrera.
Cabrera, whose child goes to Peter Hobart tells KARE 11 they'll be collecting money and doing an online silent auction over the next several days.