MINNEAPOLIS -- An investigation is underway after a gun went off in the backpack of an elementary school student.

Bethune Community School is a pre-K through fifth grade school. On Tuesday just before students were dismissed for the day a gun was accidentally discharged from inside a student's backpack but no one was injured, according district spokesperson Rachel Hicks.

Neither Hicks nor Minneapolis police could say how the student got the gun or how it went off.

Hicks said the district has a strict policy when it comes to weapons in schools. She could not comment directly about the student's discipline citing data privacy laws but in a written statement Hicks wrote:

"Weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited on school property...although Federal Law requires us to recommend expulsion in all cases of a student possessing a gun at schools...the superintendent can and regularly does use discretion in recommending appropriate disciplinary action."

Police spokesperson Cyndi Barrington said the student is too young to be charged with a crime but their investigation continues.