MINNEAPOLIS - This weekendthe 4th annual Jeff Hettwer Memorial Golf Tournament will coincide withthe launch of a new campaign to help curb drunken driving.

"No one goes out wanting to hurt someone or kill someone, god forbid," said Hettwer's widow, Kelly Hettwer Olse. "But if you can just put yourself in those shoes for even a minute you know you want to do everything in your power to make sure nothing ever happens again.

Jeff Hettwer died after a last-second decision to hop in a car during a night of drinking. A friend of a friend was driving when the BMW they were in hit a parked car. Jeff died instantly.

"(It's) a decision you can't take back," said Kelly.

Kelly has been tellingher husband'sstory ever since his death. Starting this weekend, more people will hear about what happened through a series ofpublic service announcements.

A total of four PSAs, each running30 seconds, will break down the night of the crash.

The first PSA is a recorded phone message. It's a voicemail that was left accidentally. It's muffled, but in the background there's talk of going to another party.

The second PSA is the 911 call that night where the caller tells the operator nobody is hurt and you can hear somebody in the background say Jeff is dead.

The third PSA is the driver of the car being interrogated by authorities.

An investigator says, "There's a dead person in your car."

The driver replied, "You serious?"

"I don't joke about that," responded the investigator.

Finally, a doorbell rings in the fourth PSA as Kelly is awoken as deputies are at her door.

"I think no matter who you are there is something you can identify with in there," said Kelly. "I hope they ring true to people."

The PSAs were created thanks to all of the golfers who helped raise money over the years.

You can find more information about the event at Majestic Oaks Golf Course at