MINNEAPOLIS - In case you didn't notice the sun came out Friday morning after a stretch of gloomy weather. Many viewers sent KARE 11 pictures of some much needed natural light. That's a big contrast form the cloudy, rainy, gloomy weather we come to associate with May 2013.

Minnesota sits about in the middle nationwide when it comes to average cloudy days per year. That got us thinking, how do we compare this month to a city known for gray skies? It's Minneapolis versus Seattle.

Typically, Seattle is slightly warmer than Minneapolis but they average 226 cloudy days per year to our 169.

They also receive more rain than us.

But this month the tables have turned.

We have 15 cloudy days to Seattle's 12.

We've had cooler temperatures and over twice as much rain.

At least we have the pictures to prove that blue skies do still exist.

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