GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - The rainy, cloud-covered weather means bad business for some, really bad business for others.

A number of public pools are opening up across the metro this weekend to little fan fare thanks to Mother Nature.

"We haven't had people knocking down the doors to get in," said Tyler McKean, Aquatics Program and Facility Manager for St. Paul.

St. Paul opened its pools for a preseason teaser the last two weekends with very few swimmers. But Saturday, the city's pools will open for the season officially.

"We're not hurting as badly as some places if we don't have huge crowds," said McKean who believes it's too early in the season to know the impact.

Not so across the metro in Edina at Braemar Golf Course where Friday was one of the few busy days.

"I've been here 20 years and I can't remember a worst spring," said Jeff Homberger, Braemar's Facility Coordinator.

"We're down quite a bit. About $500,000, about 20,000 rounds compared to last year," he said.

Homberger says last year was their best, but in a normal year the course would probably be off $400,000.

Braemar is part of Edina's Park and Recreation Department, but it's still too early to know what the low numbers may mean for taxpayers.

From the links to the lakes where the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources reports the number of fishing licenses issued is down more than a 100,000 from last year.

"It has a huge impact on things that you're used to doing. Even the farmers are switching crops they can plant now because it's too late," said golfer Dennis Lenselink, of Edina, in between swings.

While it is unclear how much longer this unseasonable weather will last, for some the damage has already been done.

"It's quite a big number you really can't make up," said Homberger. "It's just one of those years there's nothing you can do anything about."