MINNEAPOLIS - The blockbuster news that an alleged Nazi commander has been living in Minneapolis for decades reached far passed the land of 10,000 Lakes Friday.

"We called on the justice department to launch an immediate and thorough investigation," said Rabbi Marvin Hier.

Hier spoke to KARE 11 from Los Angeles where he is the founder and dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, which is named for the most prominent Nazi hunter.

The center is one of the largest Jewish human rights organizations in the world.

In the letter to the federal government, Hier wrote, "the fact that (Michael) Karkoc, in addition, a member of theGalician SS should, in itself, be sufficient reason to begin an investigation."

He says a lot of the work by the Simon Wiesenthal Center is to combat anti-Semitism, but ads about 10 percent is "Nazi hunting".

"We want the Nazi's to know there is still someone out there, there is still someone out there looking for them," said Hier.

"It really doesn't matter how many you get what matters is that every time you get one of them, all of them are scared," he added.