MINNEAPOLIS - Jane St. Claire was among the residents in south Minneapolis who got the worst of Friday night's storms.

"I looked and heard the tree, my neighbor's tree fell right towards the house while I was standing in the door," she said. "I said, 'Yeah, I better go to the basement.' So, I went around the kitchen to the back of the house and there's another tree in my backyard."

St. Claire has lived at her home for 25 years. She says she's never had problems with tree damage.

"And it's like all of a sudden the trees decide to fall down. They have been in a lot of storms. I think it's probably because of the soil. It's so damp," she said.

Another home had a tree fall on the top of their house. That neighbor was on vacation.

Rita Lowinske was home, but lucked out. A giant tree crashed away from her house into the street.

No damage to her home, but she sees what it's done to the neighborhood.

"It's actually really sad. It's going to change the face of neighborhood with all the trees gone," Lowinske said. "It's going to be even more bare. When I moved in here years ago, this street was canopied with Dutch elms. We don't have that anymore."