Singer/songwriter and Cities 97 radio host Keri Noble stopped by the KARE 11 backyard to perform two songs and talk about her upcoming show at Pride and getting started on her new EP.

"I just yesterday finished my Kickstarter campaign. I raised money for a new EP, and we raised all the money I needed to plus some just yesterday. So now it's time to get into the studio and start making music," Noble said.

Noble debuted a new song in studio called, "A Softer Place to Land." which she has never performed before.

"I'm hoping people like it," Noble said. "And for those who supported the Kickstarter campaign, they're going to be able to see one of the songs that's going to be recorded soon."

Coming up on June 30, Noble will perform as part of an extensive lineup of local and national acts during the Twin Cities Pride Festival at 4:25 p.m. on the Loring stage.

"Pride, if you haven't been there, whether you identify as GLBT or you're a supporter, or you're just a person who loves to get out and go to festivals, this is a great festival," Noble said. "I moved to Minnesota 13 years ago and I went to the festival and had such a blast and it's such a cool thing to now be able to perform there as well."

For more information on Twin Cities Pride Festival click here.

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