Shoreview, Minn. -- Being without power for three days is bad enough but one street in Shoreview has had the damaged power pole dangling across the only access road, blocking them all in.

"While I was standing in my kitchen I looked outside and the power started to come on and the whole street lit up," says resident Kathryn Harris. "It took me a moment to orient what I was seeing."

Char marks in the driveway show where the power line was sitting. The rest of the power pole was hanging in the trees.

"And they're flammable. Trees catch fire right?" says Harris.

After three days, these residents are finally getting relief.

A crew visiting all the way from St. Louis, Missouri is on their street and has been working 17 hour shifts to get the power back on.

"You try and learn to pace yourself. You can't just blow and go the first few hours and the next thing you know, you're spent," says Ben Turner with Ameren Missouri.

"They are working hard," says resident Alyssa Mason. "They are very good looking so you know, we're all about that."

A few houses down, neighbors used their own chain saws to clear a tree that was also blocking the road.

Just as we were leaving, the lights came back on and the power truck drove off marking the end of three days of isolation.

"We could survive a zombie apocalypse I think," says Harris. "We didn't know it wasn't the zombie apocalypse because we couldn't get out."