MAPLE GROVE, Minn. - A church in Maple Grove has again been targeted by vandals, apparentlyover its views on same-sex marriage.

Members of Pilgrims United Church of Christ arrived for services Sunday morning to find the building egged, handcuffs onlocked on the front doorand graffiti scribbled on the building.

Written on one wall was the message "Gay Pride? NO! Shameful Sodomites!" The message was followed by a reference to Jude 7.

It's not the first time the church has been vandalized, apparently over the same-sex issue: The Pilgrims United Church of Christ has been egged, spray painted, and has had signs stolen.

Maple Grove Police Captain Keith Terlinden confirms that officers were dispatched to the 8800 block of Rice Lake Road around 9:40 a.m. on a report of vandalism. Terlinden says police are conducting an "active" investigation, and are seeking the public's help to find the person or persons responsible.

It may be classified it as a "biased-motivated" crime due to the anti-gay messages.