PHILADELPHIA - A Philadelphia-based rap artist should look at the bright side: At least he has an option other than jail.

A judge gave rapper Meek Mill, whose real name is Robert Williams, a choice. Enroll in etiquette class by August 4 or go to jail.

Williams spent 6 months in jail back in 2008 on drug dealing and gun charges, and after he was released the budding rap artist was to check in regularly with his parole officer.

As Meek Mill's career took off, however, he apparently found it less and less convenient to keep up his end of the deal. Meek even turned his fans against the parole agent, posting threats on his twitter account.

Well, Judge Genese Williams decided she had seen enough of Meek's nonsense, called him back into court and ordered him to take the etiquette classes, which also include responsible use of social media.

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