MINNEAPOLIS - Minneapolis police continue to interview witnesses, including small children, as they try to piece together the events surrounding the tragic death of a 9-year-old boy.

The boy, who visiting from Georgia, was found hanging from a clothesline on the city's north side last Thursday, police said. The boy, identified by neighbors as Mikey, died Monday night.

"We were trying to figure out what was going on so we walked back there and there's a little boy just hanging, dangling," witness Ashley Davis said.

"(The clothesline) was wrapped around the bar at least five times and then around his neck," fellow witness Pamela Lampkin recalled. "I was scared. I was crying. I was praying."

The medical examiner has not ruled on a cause of death. Meanwhile, members of the police department's "Crimes Against Children Unit" continue to investigate the case as a suspicious death.

"Whether it's a homicide, suicide or an accident, something is not right and it has to be addressed and it has to be dealt with," Mysnikol Miller said.

Miller is a neighborhood activist and advocate who came to the scene to investigate. She ended up offering support to a grieving family.

"As a community we have to come around them and let them know that we all lost Mikey. We all lost this young man. This hit all of us. It hit us in different ways," Miller concluded.

Neighbors say the boy's mother, from Georgia, is now in Minnesota.

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