ST. PAUL, Minn. -- The first mobile retailer is about to hit the city streets of St. Paul, hoping to join in the fun and popularity of the food truck craze. In May, the city council unanimously approved a measure allowing licensed vendors to sell their non-food products on city streets.

"This is The Fashion Mobile, Minnesota's first mobile boutique," Dave Grim of Stillwater said, showing KARE 11 his truck, which once carried Star Tribune newspapers. Grim will bring his rig into St. Paul on Monday to be the first one inspected under the new ordinance.

He says he and his wife Teresa got the idea after looking through a magazine featuring a similar set up in a different city. "They're probably three to four years behind where food trucks are now, but there's definitely a growing trend; seeing more and more of these trucks out there," Grim said.

The Grims converted the old delivery truck into a boutique last spring and have been busy selling clothes and accessories for corporate events, private parties and city and county festivals. They've been lobbying St. Paul City Council members for a few months.

"It's one more way for people to enjoy life in St. Paul and have fun. I don't see a downside in it," St. Paul City Council Member Dave Thune said. After passing the inspection, an annual license in the city will run an entrepreneur $72.

"This will just be one more destination for them to check out but instead of food, it's fashion" Grim concluded.

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