HUDSON, Wis. - A road that cuts through Hudson's popular Lakefront Park is open again after being shut down Tuesday due to a swarm of tens of thousands of bees.

Dike Road was closed around 8 a.m. Tuesday when a parks supervisor came upon the swarm.

The city's Public Works Director called in local beekeeper Stewart Erickson to begin the process of removing the bees from the park. Erickson told KARE 11 that it was a "nice size swarm" of bees, between30, 000 and 50,000strong.

He set up a couple of box hives and removed them all without getting stung once.

Erickson says the bees were found hanging from a tree. He lured them into the box hives with honey and sugar water, then moved them two miles away to a site on the Kinnickinnic River because they will come back if its a lesser distance.

It was important to remove the swarm as Lakefront Park is busy with people visiting the replicas of Christopher Columbus' Nina and Pinta boats, which are anchored along the dike road.

With the Fourth of July holiday rapidly approaching people are also sunbathing, fishing and enjoying this stretch ofwarm summer days.

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