GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Turn your backyard into a water park with some of this year'sbest water toys.

Todd Anderson ofHub Hobby joined KARE11 News @ 4 with some of his favorites for summer fun.

These top Todd'slist-

1. Stomp rocket- It shoots 150 feet in the air.
2. Super soakers, water and squirt toys.
3. Waboda ball- It skips across a pool.
4. Zoku ice pop maker- Freezes pops in 7 minutes.
4. Pump-in-ator- It's a device for filling water balloons that was developed by an 8-year-old girl
5. Water balloon sling shot
6. Marsh Mellow shooter
7. Bubble blower- blow gigantic bubbles within bubbles.

For more of Todd's ideas, head to Hub Hobby.