HANOI, VIETNAM - There are plenty of folks who proclaim themselves "Superfans", but a soccer buff in Vietnam just set the bar pretty high.

The British soccer club Arsenal recently made a stop in Hanoi as part of a barnstorming tour of Vietnam. When the team's bus pulled out of town players noticed that a fan was running alongside the bus.

Well, that fan ran... and ran... and ran.

After more than 3miles of keeping up with the bus players told the bus driver to pull over, and theyinvited their super fan aboard. There, they posed for pictures with him and signedhis shirt... which was obviously a bit sweaty at that point.

Arsenal players told the Daily Mail that locals on bikes often try to chase their bus down, but that this fan was obviously more determined. Striker Olivier Giroud filmed the man's run on his phone and it was added to the club's YouTube site.