POPE COUNTY, Minn. - A Starbuck woman is accused of second degree murder after a four-year old boy died under her care .

It was late February when four-year-old Eric Dean died after court documents allege his father's live-in fiancé Amanda Peltier allegedly admitted to police she was upset and "launched" Dean across the room.

Prosecutors charged Peliter with murder Friday. According to the charging document, "Peltier heard Eric hit something but did not see what he hit."

The boy then started crying, "throwing up and complaining his stomach hurt." But investigators say it wasn't until the next day that they called 911 when he stopped breathing.

"He was a happy little boy one time in his life," said Julie Olivier, Dean's maternal grandmother. "I get kind of choked up when talking about my little Eric."

Olivier says she last held her grandson about three years ago. She tells KARE 11 it was about then her daughter gave up custody of her son to deal with a drug addiction.

"I'm really proud of her," she said.

But Olivier says her daughter is devastated.

"You know it's really hard to make sense of all of this," she said.

According to court records, this wasn't the first time Eric suffered. In 2011, he broke his arm after Peltier allegedly told doctors he fell down the stairs. Doctors called protective services but court documents allege they "lacked any other information of child abuse" to do anything.

Then in 2012, the criminal complaint alleges the boy's daycare called child protective services after seeing a number of bite marks on him. The complaint says Peltier recently admitted to biting the boy.

"Could his death have been prevented, I would say yes," said Olivier.

Peltier was not home when KARE 11 stopped by her house. Her attorney declined to comment. The Pope County Attorney along with the county's human services would not talk about the case either.

There were five other children in the home during the alleged abuse. Olivier says they are now in protective custody.

"I don't think he could fly until somebody got arrested for his death," she said of her grandson. "He has his wings now, he can fly.His God's little angel now."