ARDEN HILLS, Minn. - First responders took part in training on Saturday that resembled a dangerous, real-life situation.

Representing multiple agencies, fire, police and paramedics descended on to the campus of Bethel University to undergo drills that will better help them prepare for large-scale emergencies.

"This is testing our response," said Ramsey County Sheriff Matt Bostrom. "These are really important for our community."

Police, fire, and emergency management teams drilled active shooter and "explosion" scenarios, both with multiple injuries. Each drill required critical communication and immediate triage. More than 50 volunteers were used as pretend patients in urgent need of care.

It's the first time a 4-year Minnesota college opened its doors to this kind of training. Last October, similar exercises were done at Century College.

"We hope more schools want to do this," says Bostrom. "We need to make sure we can work shoulder-to-shoulder in these situations."

Every move was evaluated and will be used for a debrief session later this month.

"If you look at the environment of higher education you have to prepare for this type of eventuality," said Andrew Luchsinger, Bethel's Chief of Security. "This allows first responders to become familiar with our campus, too."

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