EDINA, Minn. -- South View Middle School in Edina was covered in vulgar graffiti over the weekend.

Neighbors called police early Sunday morning after discovering vandals had spray painted the names of the school principal and school nurse amongst curse words, racist remarks and references to drugs.

A crew of custodians was able to use solvents to remove an estimated 30-50 graffiti tags by the end of the day. The Edina school district called a professional crew to sandblast words off the brick exteriors.

Edina school district officials will review security camera footage outside the school with the help of Edina Police. The cameras are triggered by motion and likely captured some clues to the crime.

A stream of neighbors stopped by the school all day to survey the damage.

"Terrible. Whoever did this obviously wasn't kidding around. They basically did this to the entire school. I didn't even want to go near it, it was repulsive. So I am so glad they already cleaned it all off, that is just great," said Michael McDonald, a seventh grader who lives near the school.

"We try to treat everybody with respect and I think that's generally what most people try to do so when something like this happens, it feels like a real slap in the face to you," said Gena Linafelter, Michael's mother.

The district will begin reviewing that security footage Monday. It's too early to tell the cost of all the damage or what charges police will pursue.

McDonald and his mother say they have a message for the people responsible - the plan may have backfired.

"It's probably almost more of a building of our community when you see something like this. It gets people out talking to each other more, and it's unfortunate this has to happen," said Linafelter.

The school is located at 4725 South View Lane next to the Edina Community Center.

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