MINNEAPOLIS - Most golfers dream of scoring a hole-in-onejust once before putting the clubs down.

Eddie Manderville is not one to set the bar that low. The 81-year-old hit back to back holes-in-one while playing the Theodore Wirth Par-3 course Friday.

Manderville scored his aces on holes that measured 141 and 165 yards. The National Hole in One Registry says the odds of shooting two holes-in-one on a regulation course during a single round are 67 million to one.

Spokesperson Jim Walters says there's not enough data to calculate odds on a Par-3 course, but obviously the feat is extremely rare.

While he was obviously fired up after his back to back holes-in-one, it wasn't as if Manderville hasn't been to this rodeo before. Eddie had shot 8 aces before his double on Friday night.

His golfing buddy Dave Rundles, who also had shot 8 holes-in-one before the weekend, picked up his ninth on Sunday.

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