BLAINE, Minn. - For many teenage boys, longboards are a hot item to have, but for three young men from Blaine the longer version of a skateboard has become a tool for change.

Jake Bailey and his best friends Kyle Olson and Lucas Hess had an idea to do some traveling this summer by longboard.

"When we're going down the road we get honked at. We get screamed at it," Olson said.

They hope their latest longboard adventure will get people to start talking about something more important.

"We had a friend that lost his life from depression so I guess that kind of inspired us," Bailey said.

On Friday, the trio will embark on a 150-mile journey from Duluth to Blaine by longboard pushing for depression awareness. They plan to return to Bailey's home on Aug. 25.

Studies show an estimated 5 percent of adolescents in the U.S. suffer from depression. Even worse there's still a stigma around it.

"Especially for guys when you're depressed and you want to talk about it, you're showing your emotions and stuff like that and that's kind of frowned upon," Bailey said.

The 19-year-olds know they can rely on each other if they ever face depression, but they also know not everyone has that.

"Getting the word out there will help people feel that it's not such a bad thing to talk about or a bad thing to be depressed. It's a bad thing to hold it in," Hess said.

Even when recovery seems miles away, they believe friendship can make the journey out of depression possible.

They also hope to raise $1,000 dollars for Suicide Awareness Voices of education, an outreach group based in Minnesota.

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