GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - KARE 11 Sunrise is going crazy for cats.

We celebrated our love of dogs earlier this summer, and now it's time for our feline friends.

Sunrise kicked off cat week with the latest and greatest when it comes to toys and treats for your cats.Karin Burseth from Chuck & Don's visited KARE 11 Sunrise to talk about the new goodies.

  • Supercat Catnip Caves-
    Catnip caves surround cats in microencapsulated catnip scent and are sprayed with catnip-scented bubbles that will burst when rubbed, buffed, crumpled or scratched.
    Caves feature Nano Burst Technologyâ„¢ for long-lasting catnip scent. Perfect for pouncing and hiding, these caves are great for wild playtime fun.
  • KONG Glowz Toys-
    Satisfy the nocturnal hunting instincts of your cat and the KONG Premium North American catnip inside helps add excitement to the chase. When not in use, recharge by placing under natural or artificial light for several minutes.
  • KONG Scratch Apple-
    Scratch Apple cat toy combines the fun and action of a catnip toy with the irresistible feel of corrugate scratchers cats love. The Scratch Apple features a twist-off top with hollow core for easy catnip filling. Simply twist off top to fill toy with fresh catnip.
  • Our Pet's Play-N-Squeak Mouse-
    o Features electronic RealMouse sound module that creates an realistically sounding mouse squeak and can pull tail to make the toy mouse scamper across the floor or table.

  • DNA Pet Food-
    o Can be used as a treat, dry food, or wet food for you cat.
    o DNA is gently "air-dried" using raw meat, raw liver and other high quality raw ingredients.
    o Air-drying creates a pathogen free, nutritionally viable food that is about half as expensive to feed as compared to most "freeze dried" raw foods. Compare 2 lbs. of DNA cat food to approximately 6 lbs. of raw food when rehydrated with warm water.
  • Lickety Stik-
    Lickable cat treat gives cats a special treat without the unwanted mess or extra calories. It's easy and fun for the cat to lick the treat-dispensing rollerball-- owner holds, cat licks.
    Natural flavors with added vitamins. Only 1 calorie in every 20 licks and there are hundreds of licks in each bottle
    Available in six flavors: Chicken, Turkey, Salmon, Tuna, Beef, and Dairy

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