MINNETONKA, Minn. - High schools across the state cancelled sporting events and practices Monday due to the extreme heat.

"We moved our late-morning practice to 7:45," said Minnetonka head football coach Dave Nelson. "We just didn't want to chance it."

Minneapolis Public Schools cancelled all after-school activities. St. Paul did the same. On the Minnesota State High School League facebook page, everal cross-country events and tennis matches were postponed as schools opted for modified practices or team meetings instead.

"I sent out emails telling the team to bring extra water," said Donna Ricco, the junior varsity tennis coach for Eden Prairie. "The court can be five to 10 degrees hotter than the temperature."

Coach Ricco's team cancelled their Monday match and held a light practice instead.

"You have to be careful," she said.

The spring season was loaded with cancellations and postponements, now this late-August heat wave has the fall season already behind.