MINNEAPOLIS -- The heat has a lot of people divided on whether kids should be in school.

Some teachers told KARE 11 that it is too hot to teach, and some students argue it's too hot to learn.

Many of the windows that could be opened at Patrick Henry High School were propped up with fans on Tuesday, but students told KARE 11 classrooms got as hot as 90 to 100 degrees inside.

Freshman Shaheed Bell said the heat made it tough to concentrate in class.

"I focus but I find myself getting very distracted just by fanning myself with my shirt a lot," said Bell.

Fellow student Maya Morales said the heat kept many students at home.

"It was really, really hot and a lot of people didn't show up to class because it was so hot," she said. "But I mean otherwise it was OK, but there's a lot of people at Henry so it's like a lot of heat in the classroom and the lunchrooms."

The district told parents that absences would be excused as long as parents follow the protocol to report those absences. District officials said they did not calculate the number of students that called in on Tuesday.

Temperatures are supposed to cool down Wednesday, but still are expected to be at 90 degrees or above for the rest of the week.

The district already posted on its website that all after-school activities that were cancelled the last two days will resume as normal in all air-conditioned spaces.

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