GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Heidi Heiland of Heidi's Lifestyle Gardens discusses three growing garden trends that will enable us all to live more lightly on the earth. Plan this fall for how you may approach next growing season.

-Annual, perennial and woody edibles mixed into herbaceous borders
-Vegetable are essential AND ornamentals, kale, cabbage, peppers.
-Ornamental annuals as edibles, nasturtium, pansy, marigold, etc.
-Tower Garden hits all three trends.

WATER quality and water usage awareness
-Planting compatibility, dry tolerant plants with dry tolerant plants and wet tolerant plants with wet tolerant plants.
-Sustainable plantings, drought tolerant natives, succulents, woodies vs. annuals with high water needs.

HEALING Spaces/Chemical-free or neonicotinoid-free gardens.
-Being in the garden promotes health and wellness
-Best success when the environment is not toxic
-Consumers need to ask for and then be prepared to purchase chemical free plants
-Examples of brand name neonicotinoid pesticides: Merit, Assail
-Some wholesale annual growers are finding an increasing lack of efficacy in the greenhouse against aphids and other pests
-Accumulates in the soil and is mobile into neighboring plants
-Research suggests neonicotinoid pesticides instrumental in bee decline.

These three trends, Food, Water & Healing indicate a growing public awareness and shift towards a more sustainable approach to landscape gardening.

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