LORETTO, Minn. - Two men face charges after allegedly abducting a man, tying his hands together and putting him in the trunk of their vehicle.

William Graham, 31, of New Hope, and Ronald Jackson, 29, of Richfield, were each charged with a single count of kidnapping on Friday.

The incident occurred on Wednesday when a Loretto man was approached by Graham and Jackson in the driveway of his home. The two men displayed a BB gun and then tied the victim's hands together and forced him into the trunk of their Dodge Charger, according to the criminal complaint.

The complaint said that the men were pulled over about 20 minutes later. Police rescued the victim, who told police that the he was asked about his job at the Verizon store and whether he had keys to the building.

Both men will make their first appearance in court on Monday afternoon.

Graham is scheduled to go on trial for a similar kidnapping case involving a T-Mobile employee, the complaint stated. That incident occurred on May 20.

According to that criminal complaint, Graham approached a T-Mobile employee at a store in Minneapolis just as it was about to open. He displayed a handgun and threatened to hurt the employee's family if he called police.

Authorities said that Graham ordered the man to fill bags with cell phones. He left the store with about 80 phones, the criminal complaint said.

He then locked the victim in an "inventory cage" and left the store. The victim was able to get out and get Graham's license plate before he drove off.

One of the stolen phones was activated and it was activated by Graham's mother. She said her son sold it to her on May 23.

Police said they also found empty phone boxes in the Graham's house.