BURNSVILLE, Minn. - The family of Anarae Schunk is unhappy with the pace of efforts to find their missing daughter. The Schunk's issued a statement expressing their dissatisfaction.

The statement read: "Now that charges against Anthony Lee Nelson have been formally levied, the Schunk family is officially requesting a broadening of the search efforts for Anarae Schunk. Up to this point...the Schunk family has been extremely cooperative with all police and press investigations and we will continue that partnership going forward. What we are asking now is for full disclosure of any and all information that could prove helpful in locating Anarae and an official embrace of public engagement in the recovery efforts..."

Burnsville Police said on Wednesday that ground searches were being limited to law enforcement personnel. The Schunk family had agreed with that until Thursday.

"We are doing the best that we can," responded Sergeant Rory Bochniak, Burnsville Police spokesperson. "We have to have locations that we can search. We cannot just randomly go throughout Dakota County looking for their daughter. I mean that's one of the big reasons why we've got this message out to the public. Please call our tip line. Call the police department if you have information, bring it forward to us, cause we are investigating each and every tip."

The criminal complaints filed by the Dakota County Attorney's office on Thursday charged Shavelle Anthony Nelson with 2nd degree murder in the killing of Palagor Jobi, 23, of Savage in the parking lot of Nina's Grill in Burnsville before 2am on Sunday.

Ashley Conrade of Rosemount has been charged with felony aiding an offender. Conrade's Ford Fusion was allegedly used by Nelson to leave the parking lot after shooting Jobi eight times.

According to interviews with Conrade included in the court documents, Anarae Schunk was in the car with Conrade and Nelson when they drove to Conrade's townhouse on Shannon Drive.

Tuesday, police went to the townhouse looking for Nelson, who left in the Ford Fusion, driving south on Shannon Drive. Police stopped the car at County Road 46 and arrested Nelson.
At the townhouse, police arrested Conrade and searched her garage and residence, according to neighbors who witnessed the police action.

"I was looking through the door peephole and I saw them make the arrest against the garage wall to my left, over there and they were arresting Ashley," said the neighbor, who declined to be identified. "then there was a thorough search, search team, with a big search van searching their garage and their house."

There was no sign of Anarae Schunk in the residence. The Schunk family continues to hope that she is simply hiding somewhere for fear of reprisals from Nelson or his associates. She is 20 years old, 5'9" tall, 160 pounds, with light brown hair.

Police ask anyone with information to call the Burnsville Police Tipline at 952-895-4636.

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