ST. PAUL, Minn.-A pair of anglers from Missouri will take a fish story home from their trip to Minnesota, one they likely won't be too eager to tell.

The fishermenwill payfines and restitution for exceeding their limits forcatfish caught on Lac qui Parle ona recent trip.

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Conservation Officer Ed Picht observed two people fishing on a public fishing pier on Lac qui Parle and saw one of the anglers was using two lines.

Upon further investigation, he found that Frankie Munger and Roger Murphy had 14 catfish on a stringer and 36 catfish fillets in their cooler. The limit on catfish is five with only one more than 24 inches.

The menwere also in possession of too many catfish over length. Fines and restitution for the pair totaled $600.

"The men didn't think it was a big deal to keep too many catfish," Picht said. "In reality, most of the people who fish the Minnesota River system this time of year are targeting catfish."

The DNR reminds Minnesotans that anyone witnessing a fish or wildlife violation is encouraged to contact the 24-hour, toll-free Turn In Poachers (TIP) hotline at 800-652-9093. Cell phone users can dial #TIP.

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