FORT WORTH, Texas - A frazzled Texas woman says she had no choice but to call authorities for help after a pair of hungry goats appeared out of nowhere and attempted to eat everything in her backyard.

Animal control officers transferred her to 911 operators who first asked if she needed police, fire or an ambulance.

"No, this is goats," answered Sharon Dyer. "Two billy goats in my backyard."

Dyer said she was watching televisionin her living room when she looked out the window and saw the goats wandering around.Phone in one hand andvideo camera in the other, she ended up calling animal control.

"Ya'll get," she yelled at the animals. "Don't come over here to my garden."

Sure enough, they destroyed a few of her jalapeno plants. But Dyer was especially protective of a tiny palm tree that she had brought back from a recent trip to Florida.

"And then a goat is going to eat it? Not on my watch!" she said.

Dyer grabbed a small table to protect the palm tree, which is in a bucket and just a few inches tall.

"And I picked it up, and I come over here, and I told him to get back," she said.

Several police officers soon arrived.

The goats' owner, who lives just around the corner, showed up about the same time. He said they were his pets, named Savannah and Willie.

He apologized, promised to replace the destroyed plants and brought them back home.

"I videoed 'em all the way down the sidewalk," Dyer said. "They didn't want to go, either."