LONDON - Saying it was too risky to put starting QB Christian Ponder out on the field with a broken rib, Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier named newcomer Matt Cassel his starter for Sunday's game in London versus the Steelers.

KARE 11's Eric Perkins put it simply in a tweet on @karevikes Friday morning, saying "Cassel's the guy."

Frazier wasn't much more verbose, explaining during a short press conferencne that "Christian had a fractioned rib and just felt like from a medical standpoint it was too risky to take a hit to the ribs."

Ponder's condition was first mentioned on Wednesday, when both he and the team spoke of a rib injury suffered in last Sunday's game against Cleveland. At that point Frazier said Friday would be the point when the club would make a decision about Ponder's status.

The news set off a chorus of cries for Cassel to take over, as Ponder's critics had been calling for his benching even before news of the injury. The third-year QB from Florida State has had an uneven 2013 season, throwing more interceptions than touchdown passes and seeming out of synch in key situations.

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