ST. PAUL, Minn. - Jurors will have a lot to think about over the weekend as the Jeffery Trevino trial is nearing its end.

Late Friday afternoon, the defense asked a St. Paul Police detective about a small bag of marijuana found in Kira Steger's purse. The attorney then asked the retired sergeant if people are often robbed over drugs.

It was the latest twist in the trial that has captivated jurors and a courtroom full of people for seven days.

Trevino is charged with killing his wife, Kira Steger, in February. Her body was found in the Mississippi River in May.

Prosecutors spent a good deal of time on Friday afternoon questioning Sgt. John Wright about the nearly four hours of interviews he had conducted with the defendant.

While the defense argues Trevino was helpful and cooperative, prosecutors worked to poke holes in his timeline of what happened the weekend Steger was reported missing. They also focused on a few things the defendant left out during his interviews.

Wright told the court that on two occasions Trevino asked investigators what he was supposed to do with his wife's belongings. The defense argues it was part of a longer conversation about preserving potential evidence police were seeking.

Next week, the defense will continue to cross examine the detective, who is the prosecution's final witness. We don't know who the defense will call, but on Monday Attorney John Conard will have to let the court know if Jeffery Trevino intends to testify.

At this point, it looks like jurors will hear closing arguments sometime on Tuesday.

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