MINNEAPOLIS - Dozens of people from the Bryn Mawr Neighborhood gathered Friday night to remember the six people who were killed one year ago in the Accent Signage workplace shooting.

"You want to be with others who can remind you that it is a great community and really good people live here," said Jessica Wiley, a board member for the Bryn Mawr Neighborhood Association.

Last year, disgruntled employee Andrew Engeldinger lost his job at Accent Signage. Suffering from mental illness, he shot and killed six people and then turned the gun on himself.

Accent's owner Reuven Rahamim and employees Rami Cooks, Jacob Beneke, Eric Rivers and Ronald Edberg were killed along with UPS driver Keith Basinski.

Employee John Souter was seriously injured, but survived.

"Collectively, we can find the action and spirit both personal and in community that move us to a more peaceful community," said Kate Houston with the Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church.

Houston spoke to the crowd at a school parking lot blocks from Accent Signage. The crowd then lit candles and walked to the building that has forever shaped the neighborhood.

It is steps from that building where community members plan to put a garden in memory of the victims of the shooting.

"Being a part of something that is positive has been helpful, really, really helpful," said Kathryn Kaatz.

She is one of a handful of neighbors working on the Bryn Mawr Garden of Hope and Healing. Kaatz says they also plan to put in benches and a walkway leading to the garden which will be located near the creek behind Accent's building.

The garden is not only for the victims, their families and the people at Accent Signage, but neighbors, too, who think about the shooting a lot.

"My heart breaks for everyone involved, and I think about all of them," said Kaatz.

She hopes the garden will help them heal.

"Not forgetting, but being able to move on," said Kaatz.

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