GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - The first day of adoption fordozens of dogs rescued from an abusive situation in Cass County has been a success.

The Animal Humane Society tells KARE 11 that about 90 of the dogs have been adopted.

133 dogs were confiscated from a breeder this summer, when investigators found them living in deplorable conditions. More than 70 puppies born since the rescue are also up for adoption.

The Humane Society has been preparing the dogs so they are healthy and ready for adoption.

One foster family who cared for a dog over the summer says it's hard to say goodbye now that it's time for the adoption process to begin.

"Pets are better than humans sometimes," said Annika Gutzka, who fostered a dog. "They just always love you no matter what even though they came from such terrible situations. They just love humans and they're good dogs."

Click here for details on adopting a rescued dog.

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