ST. PAUL, Minn. - A St. Paul man is charged with multiple counts of stalking and terroristic threats in connection with an alleged plot to kill his ex-wife and others he felt had "done him wrong."

Michael John Mangan is charged with six felony counts in connection with the alleged plot, which police say was foiled before he could carry it out.

Investigators were tipped off to Mangan's alleged plot when his brother-in-law reported that the defendant had met himat a publiclibrary and showed him diagrams of the apartment complex and workplace of Mangan's ex-wife.

The brother-in-law also told officers that Mangan had a "hit list" and keeps tabs on multiple people who he believes have wronged him, and that the defendant said he has a gun that he always keeps in his backpack.

He allegedly spoke of a detailed plan to kill the people on his list, and said he would kill any police officers that tried to stop him.

The brother-in-law and Mangan's sister told officers that he had been stalking them and exhibiting strange behaviorthat had them very worried.

Mangan was not a stranger to police: Officers had been called on him many times for domestic situations during and after his divorce. A corrections officer also told St. Paul Police that while he was making a court appearance on a DWI charge Mangan had asked him how long a sentence he would get for killing his wife, and how prison conditions were.

Officers eventually set up a perimeter around Mangan's St. Paul home on October 4 and arrested him on a traffic stop. In his car they found a loaded gun and hundreds of rounds of ammunition, a boot knife, and other items.They served a warrant on his home and found sealed letters sent to various individuals or groups. Hisgirlfriend told investigators he had told her to deliver them once he is"gone."