CHASKA, Minn.- A sign here, a sign there, if you take a look, road signs seem to be everywhere.

In fact, some traffic analysts will tell you it's to the point that that they've become a distraction.

"Sign overload," smiled Kate Miner, Traffic Engineer for Carver County. "So if we can get rid of those signs that are ineffective that aren't doing any good there's less clutter on our roadways and it actually makes the signs that are effective standout."

Miner said Carver County is following the lead from MNDOT and will not replace old deer crossing signs, fallen rock signs and caution, children at play signs.

"The children grown up, and the sign stays," explained Miner.

It's for that reason along with the fact that MNDOT has found drivers have a tendency to simply ignore the signs.

"If you consistently pass a deer crossing sign and you never see a deer in the area you start to ignore the signs, you start to ignore them all over," Miner said.

Additionally, having the signs only in some areas gives the false impression that areas without the signs do not have children, deer or falling rocks. The phase out of the signs is happening all over the state.

While there is not a concerted effort to take all of the signs down right now, they will be phased out through attrition.

Other signs on the way out include warnings about hidden driveways, blind approaches and tractor crossings.