GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. -- In her new book, "Kindred Beings: What 73 Chimpanzees Taught Me About Life, Love, and Connection," author and veterinarian SherriSpeede unveils the story of how she sold her interest in a thrivingpractice in the United States to travel across the globe and establish a sanctuary for chimpanzees threatened by habitat loss and the illegal African bush meat trade.

Speede's journey begins when she is called to Cameroon to provide medical care at a wildlife center and, later, a zoo. During these visits, Speede befriends three chimpanzees confined to small cages as tourist attractions at a seaside hotel.

Fueled by deep empathy and a fierce sense of injustice about the fate of these kindred souls, Speede forever changes the course of her life when she dedicates herself to saving these and other captive chimps in Cameroon.

Navigating geographic, logistic and medical hardships in a cultural landscape completely foreign to her, Speede perseveres in her mission, eventually building an elaborate sanctuary in the forest and taking the chimpanzees back to their natural habitat.

It's an amazing story and provides insights into the world of chimpanzees few of us will ever know.