MINNEAPOLIS - It's historic enough that the first Somali-American has been elected to the Minneapolis city council, but it's also the highest office ever held in the United States by a Somali-born citizen.

"That an immigrant from Somalia, who lived at Cedar-Riverside, who was working-class can now be a city council member from the city of Minneapolis, thank you," said Abdi Warsame to his supporters.

The Mixed Blood Theatre, which sits in the shadow of the Cedar-Riverside apartments, was filled with campaign supporters on election night.

The city council Ward 6 seat was decided relatively early in the night, with Warsame earning 64-percent of the vote.

Born in Somalia, raised in the United Kingdom, Warsame has lived in Minnesota since 2008.

He's made quite a name for himself and you can find his campaign signs dotted all over the Somalia community.

"The community asked him to run for this office and he did, with the volunteers of young people," explained Somali leader Abdirizak Bihi. "This is a gate crasher, it was difficult to crash the gate open, he did it. Now we are in, we are in the system, we are part of the community, and our young people did it."

The Somali community in the state of Georgia is also celebrating a similar victory. A former Somali refugee was elected to a city council seat in the city of Clarkston.

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