GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Firearms deer hunting season opens Saturday in Minnesota and that has a whole lot of people keeping an eye on the forecast.

As a matter of fact, there are some 500,000 deer hunters in Minnesota. And they look at the weather a little differently than other people would.

Minnesota Bound's Ron Schara described his ideal morning for the hunt. "It would give us the advantage if it was a frosty, windless morning. A little frost would make the leaves noisier."

We will likely have some frost Saturday morning. Lows near the freezing mark allow for that. Winds, however,are another story.

"If the wind is really strong, that impairs your hearing. And deer don't like windy weather either and so they don't move as much, perhaps," said Schara.

The winds willbe quite strong at 12 to 25 miles per hour throughout the day. But the northwest direction is good news for hunters.

"Most of us have put our deer stands up already, thinking that the prevailing wind is going to be northwest. We put out deer stands up with that thought in mind so that our scent goes in one direction." he added.

Schara says snow is better than rain. If you're hunting in the northern third of the state, there could be a little of both, but most of it looks to fall Friday night.

High temperatures in the 40s are comfortable enough for hunters and cool enough for the deer.

"If it's too warm, bucks aren't as active," explains Schara.

Overall, this year we have a few things working in favor of hunters, and a few for the deer.