MINNEAPOLIS - Signs that are hanging on the fa├žade of new construction on Lyndale Avenue South is getting is drawing stares.

One sign reads, "Tarts Welcome." The other features a picture of a bride in her wedding dress with the caption "Don't get hitched until you enjoy your year at Lime."

Lime is the name of the new 170-unit apartment building.

"Uptown is a competitive market," said Brent Rogers, Greco Properties Vice President of Development. "There are lots of new projects there, and I think that is also why we have chosen that marketing campaign that we have to show that we are different."

A one-bedroom model in the 6 story complex features spacious windows, bright colors and access to a top floor community room with a spectacular view of downtown Minneapolis.

Rogers said most clients of Greco Properties projects in the Twin Cities tend to be in the 25 to 35 age range.

"Our residents are social people," said Rogers. "We have great events and our residents tend to meet other people like them. They meet their future spouses. They meet business partners. They meet friends at our projects, and it is a safe place to have that social interaction. The marketing campaign is meant to be fun and to attract people that do not take themselves too seriously."

Reactions of passersby to the advertisements were mixed.

"I don't get it. No," replied one woman.

Another said, "It is, you know, a certain type of woman."

"What the real message is, I am not really sure," one man said.

Another offered this opinion.

"It is distasteful. I do not really like it, but it is going to stick in my mind," he said.

Lime's developers expect to begin opening the building to renters in December, with construction on the structure completed in January.

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