NEW BRIGHTON, Minn. - When Minnesotans think recycling they likely picture the cans and bottles that get tossed in a blue bin.

Butch Davenport withUSAgain in New Brighton says otherwise, "We take clothes. We take shoes. We take draperies, old towels, sheets."

Textiles are also a big part of the industry.

Dakota Valley Recycling is collecting old shoes through Sunday at a few sites.

"(Last year) residents brought in 11,000 pounds of shoes over the course of a week and that's exciting for us," Recycling Coordinator Leigh Behrens says. "Lots of different kinds of shoes, really I see everything and everything is accepted with this shoe drive."

And eventually they end up at USAgain. They're the ones with the green donation bins seen around town. From here, the re-wearable items are resold in thrift stores and markets around the world.

Items that are well worn and tattered could end up on the shelves at Menards! Denim is shredded and can be remade intohome insulation. The soles of shoes can find new life as rubber playground mulch.

So Butch says recycle clothes and shoes!

"Here in Minnesota 270 million pounds of textiles end up in landfills, and that's a shame."