OAK GROVE, Minn. - The Minnesota Department of Agriculture says we have a bumper crop of Christmas trees, and the rush is on more so this year than in years past.

Christmas is not too far away, and because Thanksgiving fell on a later day than average, there are fewer days to pick up that tree.

The search for the perfect tree was on Friday at Rum River Tree Farm and Nursery in Oak Grove.

Families come from miles around to cut their own.

"I like the smell of a real one in the house," said Ryan Laniel, who made the trip from North Minneapolis.

"We had a tree that was dry and then come Christmas time it started to rot," explained Jody Kelly, who drove from St. Michael.

Odds are, Kelly won't have to worry about anything drying out this year.

"Trees grew real well with the nice cool, wet spring and the summer with the warm weather helped 'em even more," explained Tom Hanson, Rum River Tree Farm and Nursery.

Additionally, the wet autumn contributed to this year's harvest that is moisture packed.

Rum River Tree Farm and Nursery supplies trees not only locally, but nationally and in Canada as well.