MINNEAPOLIS - Monday's ruling to release names of priests accused of sex abuse isn't just providing relief for victims, some parishioners are also welcoming the decision.

"It's time. It's way past time," Jan Buczek, who attends the Basilica of St. Mary said.

Buczek said the sex abuse scandal never tested her faith in God but did shake her trust in justice. She believes the move to release names is a step in the right direction.

"I know quite a few people that have been hurt and involved and they're going to be happy that these men are finally being taken to task," she said.

Many parishioners at the Basilica did not want to go on camera but their concerns were made clear in the latest church newsletter out Sunday.

In it Father John Bauer wrote a letter to the Archbishop highlighting top concerns after holding listening sessions. Bauer wrote many people have concerns like:

"How can we go forward and believe that things are going to change?"

"The church should be a safe place and it isn't."

"There were several concerns raised specifically in regard to your (Archbishop John Nienstedt) leadership."

Some parishioners told KARE 11 off camera they want Nienstedt to step down. Others like Buczek want him to listen.

"I wish that he could open up his heart and do it willingly and become a shepherd rather than turn the flock away and that's what he's been doing unfortunately," Buczek said.

Several attempts to reach the Archdiocese for comment were unsuccessful.

Last month the Archbishop wrote an open letter admitting serious mistakes were made in how they handled the abuse.