MINNEAPOLIS -- When things get tough, we lean on family and friends. When things get really tough, we often learn we have more of those people in our lives than we thought.That's the case for one Minneapolis man.

On Tuesday night Kevin McGandy was invited to North United Methodist Church for a pasta dinner. He didn't realize it at the time, but the whole thing was for him.

"It's overwhelming what this whole community has done for me," said Kevin.

Food and fellowship in a church basement, is arguably, the recipe for a great neighborhood.

"We help each other, we pay attention to each other, we know each other," said Chriss Reichow, as she dished up salad in the church kitchen.

This could be any community in the Twin Cities, it just happens to be North Minneapolis.

"You hear a lot of stuff about North Minneapolis that is not awesome, but this is MY North Minneapolis," said Reichow.

This is the North you don't often hear about. The one that has come together to help one single member of their clan. Kevin McGandy was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. He's the handyman who helps neighbors with projects, the guy, who armed with a Facebook page and positivity, has tried to turn the tide. Now those whose lives he's impacted are trying to do the same for him.

"I don't feel like I'm anybody special or I've done anything special or anything like that and then all these people just come out of the woodwork and I don't want to cry again now," said Kevin.

Food and fellowship in the basement of a church. It's not just feeding the neighborhood but nourishing their souls.

"All I know is I got to get better because I've got a lot of paying forward to do," said Kevin.

If you'd like to help. You can check out their website, Pasta for Kevin.