Minneapolis, Minn. - KARE 11 News has decided not to run the 911 audio tapes of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.

The recordings were released Wednesday after a year-long request from the Associated Press, with some victim's family members arguing against the release.

"This is never an easy decision," said KARE 11 news director Jane Helmke.

Helmke reviewed the recordings personally with other editorial managers.

On them, you hear a mostly calm demeanor from 911 operators even as panic can be heard in teacher's voices.

Gunshots can sometimes be heard as teachers shelter their kids in classrooms and wait for help to arrive.

"Every situation is different. We do really need to sit and listen to them in every case and decide if there is value to our community," said Helmke. "We really feel at this point, that there isn't news value in them in this already horrific story."

Our network, NBC, also decided not to air the tapes out of respect for the families.

We are leaving that decision up to individuals who can find a link to the recordings here.