MAPLE GROVE, Minn - Maple Grove's fleet of plows will focus on clearing major roads for rush hour, but won't tackle the rest of the city streets until after midnight.

The northwest Twin Cities suburb has taken the brunt of the December snowstorm, with an estimated six inches of snow accumulated by rush hour, around 5pm.

While traffic gridlocked on the nearby freeways, cross country skiers flocked to Elm Creek Park Reserve for the long awaited snow cove.

"It's awesome, we just came from West Yellowstone to get some early skiing. We come back and here it is this is a blessing," said Kim Rudd, a cross country ski coach.

The snow covered hills are a stark contrast to the rain slicked streets 50 miles away in Hastings, where snow had yet to fall by the afternoon.

"Nothing like they are seeing towards Minneapolis," said Bryan D. Schafer, Hastings Police Chief. "The crews are out to trying to keep the slush off the streets because if it's clear it makes things difficult to keep streets clear from this point forward."

With practically two different seasons on two sides of the metro, perspective is determined by the zip code.

"Well, this is awesome. This is going to be a really good foundation for a great winter," said Drew Holbrook, a ski coach at Southwest High School. "You got to embrace this otherwise you are just going to go crazy!"