MINNEAPOLIS - In the last four months there have been 28 robberies of persons, all in the neighborhoods that surround the University of Minnesota campus.

Before we get to the reasons why, we have to be fair on the facts; fall crime increases are common in those areas because that is when students repopulate the area.

This year the U campus and Southeast neighborhoods have seen 25 robberies of person. Last year it was 19; in 2011 it was 24.

"It's the same seasonal issue we have every year over at the U and in the neighborhoods, there is an increase in crime in general," Minneapolis Police Inspector Kathy Waite said Thursday night.

It's because like clockwork, the population in these neighborhoods soar every fall with students often carrying what criminals want; cash, laptops, and cell phones. And they walk with them in hours where few are able to watch out for them.

"In the wee hours of the morning they end up becoming the only people that are out so they become the victims," Inspector Waite said.

Not all of the crimes have happened that way however.

One student was in a campus building when the armed robbery happened, and another was waiting for the bus.

Since then the U says its 50 person police force has worked more than 180 hours of overtime.

Minneapolis police are paying officers OT, as well to come into these neighborhoods during peak crime time.

"Most of our crimes are occurring Thursday night to Sunday morning until about 4 am," Waite said.

On Friday the Minneapolis Police 2nd Precinct is inviting community members, students and rental property owners in those neighborhoods surrounding the U to a safety walk at Van Cleve Park.

The walk will run from 7:00-8:30 p.m. Officers will walk around the area with those who attend to show people risk areas and how to identify suspicious activity.

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