MINNEAPOLIS - On Friday night the cold of the streets is a weapon bearing down on the more than 10-thousand Minnesotans without a home.

Fighting to save them is St. Stephen's Street Outreach team coordinator Joseph Desenclos.

For years Desenclos has been going out night after night to try and take the homeless to warmer shelter to sleep or just to have a cup of coffee. Even when they ask to stay outside he keep's at them, getting them to just have a talk in his van to let him drive them to someplace warm and safe.

"Thank you very much, god bless all you guys," one man Joseph found on the street said once he got into the van to be taken to his friend's place to stay.

The first place the man said he could go closes its doors, so Joseph took the man to a second place. They let him stay.

It's a one night respite, but more cold nights will come.

"We venture into the human condition every day and the human spirit is amazing, but Mother Nature sometimes gets the best of us," Desenclos said.

That's why every stop matters.

At I-35 and Washington Avenue Desenclos found a man panhandling in the frigid cold.

The man said he had to panhandle for just a little bit longer because he said his family needed food.

He didn't want to leave the street, and Desenclos didn't force him. He just promised to come back later.

Desenclos says it's a reality tougher than the cold; some just don't trust life inside.

The night's last check found an empty homeless camp under and overpass. It is a home for a man Desenclos says he knows and he needs to check on.

No one was there tonight, which may have been a good sign, as no one could find warmth on the streets in Minneapolis.

The Street Team goes out every Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. On Monday's and Saturday's they head out from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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